Our safety measures

At Document Solutions we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously, hence we are monitoring the status of the Coronavirus infection very closely.

We thought you would like to know a little more about our preparations around business continuity and how they may change as things progress.

Document solutions are taking all of the sensible preventive measures you may expect of us, including the cleaning of our offices, sanitisers being made widely available plus clear guidance on best hygiene practices.

What happens if any of our offices are closed?

In the unlikely event that we need to close any offices, our staff will be able to work from home.

All main support staff can have Laptops, Mobile Phones and Cloud based telephones which can be used at home, so we don’t anticipate any drop in communication whatsoever.

All of the internal software systems we’ll need to access to continue our support to our customers can be accessed remotely.

For our telecoms customers we can advise how to divert your telephones and should your system permit we can assist in setting up handsets for staff working from home.

What plans do we have in place to ensure that we continue our high levels of service?

All inbound and outbound calls will be handled just as they are at the moment. Document Solutions will be able to continue our trading and support facility with little or no interruption and we recognise that all businesses have a duty to keep providing service and support others.

We recognise these are unsettling times and thank you, the customers for your continued support. Our colleagues remain at your service.

Most importantly please take care of yourselves and your families, we remain committed to our customers, our colleagues and our community

Thank you for your time and support.

David Macartney

Doc Sol